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This Service Charter is drawn up in compliance with Resolutions no. 184/13/CONS (Approval of the Regulation for the settlement of disputes arising from complaints from the postal sector) and n. 413/14/CONS (General Directive for the adoption of service charters by postal service providers) and is aimed at all customers who use the postal services provided by the Friend Post Company.
The Service Charter allows users to easily find out how to submit complaints and any refunds in the event of disservice.

With this Service Charter Friend Post guarantees:

  1. Simplification and transparency of information on the services offered to customers;
  2. Equality and impartiality, providing services without distinction to all Customers, without any discrimination and throughout the national territory;
  3. Efficiency and effectiveness, committing ourselves to guaranteeing qualified and competent feedback regarding the needs of customers and the market, also through the adoption of the most suitable technological and organizational solutions;
  4. Simplification of contact opportunities to allow our Customers to submit any reports or complaints;
  5. Collaboration with consumer associations as representatives of the interests of their customers and with their institutional body the National Council of Consumers and Users (CNCU).

Friend Post sends AgCom the outline of this adopted Service Charter, informing it of subsequent changes or additions.


Friend Post is a postal operator with registered office in Via Sacco e Vanzetti snc 28040 Borgo Ticino (NO) - Italy, authorized to provide collection, transport, sorting and distribution services for postal items weighing up to 2 kg throughout the national territory with license no. 4283/2019 issued by the Ministry of Economic Development.
For each service offered, Friend Post undertakes to:

  1. describe the company's product/service.
  2. define a simple and transparent service contract that transfers trust in the relationship with the customer.
  3. define the prices of each product.
  4. describe the product delivery times.
  5. define complaints procedures.
  6. promote a transparent relationship open to dialogue with consumer associations.
  7. simplify the customer's contact procedures with the company.

a) Description of the product/service

Our product is an adhesive label, hereinafter called sticker, of approximately 3 x 2 cm (variable depending on the needs of our customers), so as to be conveniently affixed to the upper right part of the correspondence itself, which can contain images different depending on the needs of each individual customer. Each sticker has a border, which surrounds it entirely, of a different color in order to identify the geographical area of destination (3 areas in total for the whole world). This distinction is clearly highlighted both on the mailboxes and on the information material that accompanies the sale of the product and which is provided at each point of sale. All the material supplied by the company to the points of sale is marked with the colors and the Friend Post brand.
The product is intended for operators hereinafter referred to as "resellers" (campsites, hotels, souvenir shops, bars, tobacconists, etc.) to whom it will be supplied and by whom it will be sold to all those who need to send their correspondence around the world . Through the indications present at the points of sale and with the help of promotional material, the customer is instructed to post the correspondence in our mailboxes which are systematically emptied by our employees in order to forward the correspondence to its destination within the times indicated in the following point. ).
> carta dei servizi

b) Definition of a simple and transparent service contract that transfers trust in the relationship with the customer

Our contract with the "resellers" provides for economic agreements with our Company and indicates the maximum selling prices recommended to the public as well as contains in detail the list of goods delivered to the point of sale (boxes, paper sachets, maps etc.) which must be used for free delivery to the end customer, in order to make the explanation exhaustive from a "visual" point of view to anyone, thus overcoming the obstacle of the language spoken by the buyer himself.

c) Definition of the prices of each product

The product is offered for three well-defined geographical areas and at the following maximum prices:
ZONE 1, red colour, Europe CEE; €1.50 VAT (22%) included where applicable;
ZONE 2, green colour, Rest of the World, including Oceania and Australia; €2.50 VAT exempt;
ZONE 3, blue color, ITALY; €1.50 VAT (22%) included.

The indicative delivery times are respectively:

Europe: 93% delivered in 5/7 working days;
Mediterranean basin: 89% delivered in 7/9 working days;
North America: 87% delivered in 9/12 working days;
Rest of the world: 84% delivered in 10/15 working days.

N.B. To guarantee the above times we carry out a minimum of two weekly collections for each point of sale; the general conditions of transport (to avoid the entrustment of products unsuitable for shipment) are present in the points of sale. By "indicative delivery times" it means that in the indicated time frame there may be possible delays due to holidays, unforeseeable causes of force majeure, service blockages decided by the competent transport authorities and which, in any case, usually lead to a maximum slippage of one or two days from the times indicated.

e) Definition of complaint procedures

Users who intend to submit a complaint to the free Customer Service for a disservice or any violation of their rights can send an email to our Certified Mail address friendpost@legalmail.it, use the online form available on the website, or send a registered letter R.R. at the address “Express Group S.r.l. Via Sacco e Vanzetti snc, 28040 Borgo Ticino (NO) – Italy” within 90 days from the shipping date. We will notify the user of the outcome of the complaint within 45 days of receiving it.
To be able to lodge a complaint it is necessary to be in possession of the purchase receipt for our product issued by the points of sale and to specify how many "units" you intend to make the complaint for.

If the customer is not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint, he must use the CP Form which is the tool available to users who want to report violations of the obligations to which postal service providers are required. You can download the CP Form from the website www.agcom.it. If you find this procedure complex, you can request the assistance of a Consumer Protection Association.

f) Promotion of a transparent relationship open to dialogue with consumer associations

If the complaints or related proposed refunds do not entirely satisfy customers, they can contact a Consumer Association with which we will also interface to continue to improve the quality of the service as we would like it to be perceived by every end user.

g) Simplification of customer contact procedures with the company

To promote the possibility of being easily reachable by any end user of our product, Friend Post makes its contact details (telephone, e-mail, headquarters address) available to anyone, in order to be able to satisfy all the needs of the end users of the product also in the event that, by mistake, they have forgotten or failed to send their postcards in the correct way, arranging for them to be collected even in locations other than those of purchase. Furthermore, it is possible to contact us directly from the site using the specific online contact form.


Through a widespread network of sales points throughout the country, Friend Post, as illustrated below, offers its customers a range of innovative services, particularly aimed at national and international customers: Posting of correspondence;
  1. The Friend Post product: sticker;
  2. Geolocation service of active sales points accessible from the website www.friendpost.it;
  3. Dedicated assistance via Customer Service.

Friend Post deals with the sale of stickers for correspondence throughout the national territory and offers a service for the collection, transport, sorting and distribution of postal items for the delivery of correspondence in Italy and abroad (through agreements with participating international postal bodies to the UPU).

To use the Friend Post service, simply purchase the sticker, apply it to the correspondence to be sent and post it exclusively in any of the Friend Post boxes present in the national territory (marked by the yellow colour). It is not necessary to post the mail at the business where the purchase was made.

If the mailboxes are not available, contact Customer Service to organize an alternative collection.

The service may not respect the declared deadlines only in the event of incorrect mailing of correspondence (insertion of correspondence in a mailbox different from that of Friend Post). In case of incorrect postal delivery, the correspondence will still be delivered by Friend Post, after being returned by the other bodies, but with a time delay.
For this reason the merchant, at the time of sale of the Friend Post sticker, is required to inform the user to post the correspondence inside the box present in the point of sale or in the city visited.

For further information, read AgCom resolution 564/14/CONS (Friend Post undertakes to manage the correspondence of other postal operators posted by mistake in the Friend Post mailboxes; the correspondence will in fact be delivered to the relevant postal operator as long as it is recognizable through the sticker).

The following information material is available at all Friend Post sales points:
Friend Post mailbox which must always be available, clearly visible and under the visual control of the store manager; sticker on the Friend Post mailbox showing the destination areas; information material for the correct use of the product.


Il prodotto Friend Post destinato alla vendita al pubblico è chiamato sticker ed è formato da una parte adesiva intagliata da applicare sulla corrispondenza da spedire, con una foto o un disegno ed è contraddistinto da un colore che identifica la zona di destino per cui è valido e contrassegnato obbligatoriamente dal numero di licenza individuale (4283/2019) e dal marchio.

Sticker blu: Italia
Sticker rosso: Europa
Sticker verde: Resto del mondo.

Lo sticker blu è valido esclusivamente per l’Italia.
Lo sticker rosso è valido esclusivamente per l’Europa.
Lo sticker verde è valido sia per l’Europa che per il Resto del Mondo. N.B.: uno sticker verde può essere sostituito da due stickers rossi.

La restante parte della matrice con l’infografica della cassetta Friend Post, il Qr-Code che consente all'utente di accedere al sito Friend Post e la dicitura "Usa solo la nostra cassetta postale", rimane al mittente.

carta dei servizi Friendpost


The Customer Service provided by Friend Post is totally free and is active every day from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 15:00 to 17:00 and can be reached at the email address info@friendpost.it and on the toll-free number 800741452 (from Italy) or +39 0323210040 (from abroad).

Friend Post announces that its Customer Service is the only service capable of managing all requests and any emergencies: Friend Post will absolutely not take into consideration requests received through other methods and reserves the right to report false or offensive comments to the competent judicial authorities also released on the Internet (e.g. in blogs dedicated to tourism or similar) or Social Networks.

Friend Post's Customer Service is able to:
  1. Provide information on the nearest Friend Post mailbox where the customer can post the correspondence stamped with the Friend Post sticker;
  2. Communicate the cause and duration of international delays that could negatively impact the delivery times of correspondence;
  3. Provide clarifications on what will happen due to incorrect shipment of correspondence, or correspondence with Friend Post stickers posted in the mailboxes of other postal operators or correspondence NOT stamped with Friend Post stickers and posted in Friend Post boxes;
  4. Provide necessary information for opening the complaint, conciliation and possible compensation phase.


The Friend Post service can be used to send correspondence from Italy to Italy and to all other destinations in the world.
Correspondence stamped with a Friend Post sticker must be posted only in Friend Post mailboxes present in Italy.
Friend Post independently manages the correspondence collection service, guarantees at least two (2) weekly collections and the use of two (2) working days to transfer the correspondence from its Mailboxes to the reference postal HUB where Friend Post representatives carry out the work sorting.
The days declared necessary for home delivery begin to run from the day the correspondence leaves the sorting HUB and Friend Post guarantees 85% of deliveries within the declared times. In fact, for the national and international delivery of correspondence, Friend Post collaborates with other operators authorized for home delivery of correspondence.
Based on what is established by the relevant Italian legislation, Friend Post reserves the right to select the postal operator to which to entrust the home delivery of correspondence on national and international territory according to the parameters of quality and reliability of the service offered. This delivery phase is however managed in collaboration with postal authorities of the reference countries adhering to the UPU (Universal Postal Union).

The sale of Friend Post stickers, as the sale of a prepaid service, is subject to the VAT regime where applicable according to the rate in force in Italy at the time of the sale: at present the rate for the service in question is established in 22 %.
VAT is applied only to EU destinations, including Italy, while the remaining destinations are exempt by law.

Friend Post undertakes to respect the declared quality standards as long as the correspondence is correctly and clearly filled out in all its parts and, in particular for foreign destinations, it is recommended to clearly indicate all the information that completes the destination address such as: City, State, Postcode, Nation.

Friend Post undertakes to respect the declared service levels and to manage any correspondence bearing postage from another operator and posted by mistake in its mailboxes, sending it to the relevant postal institution, as long as it is recognizable through the postage.


Users can submit to the Customer Service set up by Friend Post, without additional charges, complaints and requests for the conciliation procedure on the service for causes due to inefficiencies of the service, failure to comply with the contractual clauses or this Service Charter, as well as the quality levels established there.
The foregoing can be done by filling out the online form or by email to info@friendpost.it strictly with the reading confirmation. Complaints can also be made by registered mail with return receipt to the address Via Sacco e Vanzetti snc, 28040 Borgo Ticino (NO) - Italy and, finally, by PEC to the address friendpost@legalmail.it.
In the case of communications sent via a simplified email address, by accepting the reading confirmation requested by the customer, Friend Post declares to have correctly received the communication; for all the other methods listed above, the automatically generated return receipt will prevail.
No later than forty-five (45) days from its receipt, Friend Post will provide an initial solution to the problem. If the user is not satisfied with the response or if it is not received within the established deadline, he can submit a request for conciliation.

Friend Post publishes on its website and to the entities it uses for the provision of its services the methods for submitting complaints, reports and requests for conciliation procedures, as well as the aforementioned contact details of the Company.

The complaint must be submitted within 90 days following the date of dispatch of the correspondence. For complaints submitted after the established deadlines, a response will not be guaranteed.
The complainant, before making the complaint, must:
  1. Have read the delivery times declared by Friend Post on this Service Charter or on the website www.friendpost.it;
  2. Check on the website www.friendpost.it for the existence of possible causes of international delays which may have negatively affected the declared delivery times;
  3. Indicate the number of days of delay calculated;
  4. Provide a valid email address and an active telephone number at which Friend Post can possibly contact the user;
  5. Explain the reasons for the complaint (choosing between delayed delivery, non-delivery, total or partial tampering);
  6. Indicate the place of purchase of the Friend Post stickers, the date of shipment of the correspondence and its destination;
  7. Indicate whether the Friend Post retailer has provided all the useful and necessary information to guarantee correct information;
  8. Be in possession of the receipt proving the purchase of the sticker;
  9. Be in possession of the sticker matrix bearing its serial number.

The absence of refunds or compensation in the case of untracked items is justified by criteria of reasonableness.

Pursuant to the provisions of the articles. 5 and 7 of Annex A to AgCom Resolution no. 413/14/CONS, in the event of a positive outcome of the complaint, Friend Post undertakes, to the extent possible, to adopt the necessary restorative measures for the disservices caused to customers.

Friend Post will carry out checks, inspections and assessments and will give written and reasoned communication to the complainant by email within the times indicated in point 7 of this Service Charter; in the event of a negative outcome, it will also inform the complainant of the possibility of using the conciliation procedure.

If the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint or has not received a response within the established deadlines, he or she can submit a conciliation request to Friend Post, the process of which must be concluded, in any case, within sixty (60) days of receipt of the request. the instance itself.

Friend Post communicates the outcome of the conciliation procedure to the user in writing, sending him a copy of the report; any reasons hindering the carrying out of the conciliation procedure are communicated within thirty days, together with the methods for accessing the Regulatory Authority for the settlement of the dispute (AgCom Postal Services Directorate, Via Isonzo 21/b 00198 Rome, or, at the PEC address agcom@cert.agcom.it), if the customer deems the outcome of the conciliation procedure unsatisfactory, in whole or in part.

Except in cases of dismissal due to inadmissibility, inadmissibility or manifest unfoundedness of the request, the procedure for settling the dispute will be started within thirty (30) days of receipt of the request.

The user cannot request the settlement of the dispute if:
  1. has not submitted the conciliation request referred to in article 3, paragraph 2;
  2. despite having presented the conciliation request, he did not participate in the relevant procedure;
  3. more than ninety (90) days have passed since the date of conclusion of the conciliation procedure;
  4. has already appealed to the judicial authority or a mediation body referred to in Legislative Decree 4 March 2010, n. 28.

The user will be notified of the start of the proceeding by indicating the start date, the subject of the request, the office where the documents can be viewed, the name of the person responsible for the proceeding, the deadline for the conclusion of the method.

There are various outcomes that a procedure for settling a dispute between users and operators can have:
  1. Dismissal due to a party's renunciation of his request;
  2. Archiving because at the end of the investigation phase the user's request is fully satisfied;
  3. Archival in cases where the request is manifestly unfounded;
  4. Settlement of the dispute with simultaneous order to the operator to reimburse, where the user's request is found to be well founded, the sums found not to be due, to pay the expenses and compensation provided for by regulatory provisions, by resolutions of the Authority, by the contract or the Service Charters.
In compliance with current legislation on Privacy, Friend Post publishes on its website ("Complaints" Section), by March 31st of each year, information relating to the number of complaints received in the previous calendar year with regard, in percentage terms, the way in which complaints were handled and their outcome; Friend Post will also communicate this publication to the Dear AgCom Authorities.

Friend Post immediately communicates that no compensation is provided if the sender places the correspondence in the mailboxes of other postal operators.

After having read the data provided by the user, for each complaint, Friend Post begins by considering any shortcomings of the customer or any omissions on the part of the authorized Friend Post retailer from which the user declares to have purchased or mailed the product.

If any liability is excluded and the user's declarations are deemed reliable, Friend Post can adopt a compensation system aimed at providing the user with new correspondence and/or new Friend Post Stickers, in a number equal to those previously purchased and with free shipping to domicile communicated by the customer, according to the following parameters:
  1. Total refund, through the supply of postcards and new stickers, if the responsibility for the delay or failure to deliver home is found to be due to causes/faults directly of Friend Post;
  2. Partial refund, through the supply of new stickers, if the responsibility for the delay or failure to deliver home is due to causes not dependent on Friend Post.

The possibility of using the new product is limited to territorial constraints, i.e. the presence of the Friend Post service in the country of the customer who received the new supply.
In case of absence of the Friend Post service in the country of reference, the customer can wait for a new trip to use the Friend Post product or, using the national postal service, the user can send it back in a sealed envelope to the address of the reference HUB (which will be communicated) the new correspondence received (stamped with the new Stickers provided by Friend Post complete with the recipient's address), Friend Post will post them to your home free of charge.

The user obliged to send the new correspondence received to the Friend Post sorting HUB, due to the absence of the Friend Post service in the reference country, can request compensation for the costs incurred for shipping the package by sending a request to address info@friendpost.it and attaching proof of payment made.

Pursuant to art. 10 Annex A to Resolution no. 413/14/CONS, the compensation will be paid within sixty (60) days from the date of acceptance of the compensation method by the user; the aforementioned deadline runs:
  1. from the date on which the agreement, in the conciliation session, became binding on the parties, agreement to be defined within sixty (60) days from receipt of the conciliation request (article 3, paragraph 2, Annex A of Resolution no. . 184/13/CONS);
  2. from the receipt by Friend Post of the resolution or directorial determination to resolve the dispute pursuant to article 10 Annex A of Resolution no. 184/13/CONS).